All our work culminates at this point into the decision! Guests are encouraged to run or walk around to best understand each shoe. Our store's sidewalks, field, and treadmill are available for your testing processOur staff will listen to your feedback, provide information, and assist you in making the best decision for your needs

Step 4: The Desicion

Given what was learned in the first two steps, SRC staff will identify and bring out a few shoes that we feel are appropriate for your needs. At this phase, feedback from our guests is critical. Consideration is given in terms ofFit(length, width, heel drop, etc.)Feel (how the shoe contours to your foot) and Ride (cushioning, weight, stability, and transition).

Step 3: Fit, Feel, & Ride

Using a comprehensive digital pressure scan program and video gait analysis SRC staff gain an insight into the your arch type, rate of pronation, pressure distribution, and foot-type. This helps us recommend and best match each guest to their ideal running shoe. Overall, this step helps you to understand why you need one particular style of shoe over another

Step 2: Understanding your foot   


Our knowledgeable staff will ask you an array of questions to help get to now you and identify your specific running needs. What type of activity and distances will your shoes be used for? What surface(s) will your shoes be used on? Do you have any prior injuries or special needs for your shoes? What is your exercise regimen?

Step 1: Get to know your running needs

How fitting